Captain William Mozey and Company Officers
CHARLIE COMPANY was blessed with two outstanding Company Commanders in 1965-66 that I personally
knew. First, Captain William H. Smith, who activated, trained and led the company, including the first six
months in combat in Vietnam. He set the high standards and demonstrated the combat leadership that enabled C
Company to perform its many combat missions in an outstanding manner with minimum casualties. He turned
the company over to Captain William Mozey (who had served as Battalion Adjutant S-1)in February 1966 in a
normal combat rotation.
Capt William Mozey assumed command of C Company just in time for the BONG SONG OPERATION. A
talented and aggressive young officer, he quickly became equally effective as a combat rifle company commander
as he had been as our Adjutant. He took care of the troops, saw that they remained combat ready, motivated and
ready to go and successfully led them through many battles including the famous CRAZY HORSE OPERATION
where he and his "Warriors" performed in a truly superb manner. Two members of C Company won the Silver
Star, and there should have been more. There were many other acts of individual heroism demonstrated by other
I am proud to have known and served with the first two outstanding Rifle Company Commanders of Company
C, I personally fought with, Captain William H. Smith and Captain William Mozey. I would welcome them by
my side any time, any place and any combat action. They were both true "Warriors" of the highest degree.

Col. Kenneth Mertel
Mustang 6
This certificate was presented at our 16th Jumping Mustang Reunion to Lt Jon Williams, by our Company
Commander, Capt. William Mozey. Lt Williams was the Second Platoon Leader. This event occurred one evening
while we where in stand-down at the An Khe base camp. This event has become the fabled "Lights Of An Khe" story
that Bill Mozey likes to tell at every gathering of Jumping Mustangs. No one can tell it better or funnier than Bill
himself. It gets better every year. Now we have it documented and posted on this page for all to see. It is now part of
our history. I still want to hear the story of the night that we made our famous night air assault with practically the
whole Company drunk. The CP group was already on the LZ when the company landed. This happened one day
while we were in stand-down and everyone was pretty drunk when "Charlie" decided to hit the base camp with
mortars and our whole Battalion was sent out to find them. If anybody can remember this night, send me what you
can recall about it and I will put something together on it.
COL JIMMIE NICHELS PASSED TO VALHALLA ON 24 Feb 2001, as the result of a sudden stroke. He was a great Warrior
and an Outstanding leader. HE SHALL BE MISSED.(03-02-01, JM6


FROM JACK PEEVY: Very sorry to hear that Jimmie Nickels died. He was highly thought of. At range firing at Benning in July
65, he (a lLT at the time) showed me how to set the battle sight on the M-16. Now sure when the 1/188 converted from M-14's to
M-16's, but it was spring of 65, when they first got to Benning. It was different from all the other rifles I had ever fired. The front
sight controlled elevation-lower to raise strike of projectile and raise to lower the strike. Tuesday of this week, I was firing my
personal AR-15 A2 down by the Chatahoochee River and I remembered Jimmie had shown me how to set the battle sight. He was
a wealth of knowledge and was always helpful.
Captain William Smith and RTO
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