The basic mission of interdicting enemy movement in III Corps continued in 1970 with Companies A and B finding
several large weapons caches in Northern Phuoc Long Province. But the inviolate Cambodia territory meant
constant enemy resurgence. The overthrow of the Sihanouk Regime in Cambodia and the establishment of a
pro-western government, allowed the battalion and other units to strike quickly at the Communist controlled border
area in Cambodia for the first time. The Jumping Mustangs air assaulted into Cambodia early in May 1970 and
immediately found themselves in a series of regimental sized enemy base camps. For nearly two months, the
battalion was engaged in removing enemy ammunition, weapons and equipment and food in large quantities from
the enemy base areas. The enemy made several attempts to defend his caches and in the fighting around the
Cambodian base camps, the Jumping Mustangs killed more than sixty enemy, losing only five men themselves.
This shift of center of operations enabled the ARVN forces to consolidate their gains in Vietnam and allowed the III
Corps area to breathe easier. It is a tribute to this battalion and other units that the task of destroying the enemy's
havens was accomplished quickly and efficiently. After the withdrawal from Cambodia by Presidential Order, the
8th Regiment continued with the remainder of the division to clear remaining combat elements from III Corps. This
action continued throughout the remainder of 1970.

ADDED: Sir I was there with Charlie Co. in Cambodia and we captured huge caches of weapons of brand new
packed in grease and wrapped in cosmolene  AK-47's rifles, RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades), SKS rifles,
Thompson machine guns and plenty of ammo. We also captured mountains of palates of rice to supply the NVA.
Please check out "C" Co. history 1970 Cambodia and I hope you will add us to 1970 Cambodia along with Alpha
and Bravo Co


26 March 1971 marked the official end of duties in Vietnam for the 1st Cavalry Division. President Nixon's
Vietnamization Program required the continued presence of a strong US fighting force. The 3rd Brigade continued
the cavalry mission, headquarters located at Bien Hoa with primary mission of interdicting enemy infiltration routes
in War Zone D. On 5 May 1971, the colors of the 1st Cavalry (minus 3rd Brigade), including the 1st Battalion, 8th
Cavalry, was moved to Fort Hood, Texas. Using the assets of the 1st Armored Division, the 1st Cavalry Division
was reorganized as the new experimental Triple-Capability (TRICAP) Division, assigned to III Corps. On 26 June
1972, the 3rd Brigade returned from Vietnam, at the conclusion of that conflict.
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