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? Wiseman? Don Gibson, George Goswick, James Vickers
John (Guitar Man) Thrift ****(Deceased 1996)****
Joe Gilmore, Don Gibson, Ernest (APEX) Adams
John Guerra cutting Smith's hair. Don Gibson
standing behind Smith. Don't know other soldier??
Don Gibson and Arthur J. Casale
Roger Bane, Skip Keaveney, Tom Hemphill
(Back Row L-R) Dale Tippin, Russ Cummer, George Goswick, Paul
Wessman, John "Pappy" Loughran, Roger "Mac" McDonald,
Glenn Sheathelm Picture was made of this group of 1967 Delta
Company troops in 1995 in Dowagiac, Michigan at the home of Joe
Tom Hemphill --- December 1967
RTO in front of Paul Wessman, "D" 67
Paul Wessman radio operator 67, leading the way
Close air support near LZ GERONIMO, 67.
RTO in front of me in the hills between
Bong Son Plains and AnLao Valley
105MM ammo to us on LZ Geronimo in CH
47 Chinook bringing in 150 rounds of and
ready to fire in support of 1/8 Cav. At This
was taken during one of our longest lasting
How come I was always behind a
radio operator? At times I would call
behind me.
South China Sea North of Bong Son in spring
of 1967. Very pretty. Want to build a Casino?
B-57 dropping bomb near Geronimo
in 67. Notice the guidon for A/2/19
FA and the bunker for the command
Delta Company 1965 - 1971
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