Headquarters Company 1965 Guestbook

Name: :  Bob Blechman
Email Address: :  blechmanm@yahoo.com
Comments: :  I was in 11th Air Assault Div.(test). 1st Air Cav. in Benning got my air assault badge in Benning. Everyone who had over sixty days left in service went to Nam. Some did less then a month in country; I did three and half months there. No service medal I have
Name: :  Jake W Pivaroff
Email Address: :  cdmbunie@sbcglobal.net
Comments: :  It's been a long time. If anyone wants to contact me I'm at this e-mail address. SP4 Jake W. Pivaroff (Medic)
Name: :  Dennis E Kennedy
Email Address: :  dekennedy@coastalnow.net
Comments: :  It's great feeling the team again and I look forward to resuming my membership immediately. Dennis...1965-66
Name: :  Roderick Schwald
Email Address: :  schwaldroots@yahoo.com
Comments: :  Was proud to see Ssgt Joseph A. Janard Jr's name on your web sites roster. Even though he passed away in the early 1980s, before I met & married his daughter, his family is proud of his service to our great country. If anyone has any stories or photos you
Name: :  Veronica silva
Email Address: :  slexithanx2@aol.com
Comments: :  I was just looking up my fathers history and happened to notice that his name was misspelled. The correct spelling is Ramiro V. SILVA. Thank you for a wonderful website which lets family members become more knowledgeable about our loved ones past.
Name: :  Clovis Jones, Jr.
Email Address: :  clovisjones@cox.net
Comments: :  It is absolutely wonderful to visit this website and to remember names, the training and preparation that we went through at Fort Benning, the trip over on the USNS Geiger, the landing at Qui Nhon, the helicopter ride to An Khe, and the operations and the
Name: :  Stan Harrell
Email Address: :  rgrharrell@hotmail.com
Comments: :  I served with HHC from 65-66. I would like to be added to the list of members on line. Next question, Please send me the address of whom I sent my renewal dues to. My address: P.O. Box 16193 Surfside Beach, S.C. 29587
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